A History Of Chandeliers

Chandeliers have been getting used since the medieval times. At this point they were sign of the people who were well off, as they were the only people who could afford the candles to use in them. Normally they would be found in large gathering places and they would be made from wood. The majority of them would have been in the shape of a cross, with four arms and candles on each of the arms. They would have been hung from the ceiling using ropes or chairs so that they could be raised or lowered when needed.

As the years have gone on the chandelier has had parts added to them and changed. One of the first big changes was switching from using wooden arms to metal ones. Later they changed again from plain designs to ormolu and then to other shapes. They also began to be installed in churches, castles and even some peoples homes.

Today you can get chandeliers that come in all shapes and sizes and you will see them almost anywhere. Some of them might have crystal ornamentation or maybe plain glass. You can get chandeliers made from a whole range of different materials and they come in many colors.

If you are thinking about buying a chandelier there are so many places that you can buy them from. Of course you will find them at your local lighting specialists, but you will also find them at home improvement stores, some department stores and maybe even at the big box stores too. And of course, as with everything these days you can find them online as well.

Before you buy anything, make sure that you choose a chandelier that is going to fit the space you have ear marked it for, without it being over powering. Chandeliers tend to be very large, so they really need to be put in a room that has got high ceilings and is of a fairly big size. Also, remember that chandeliers need to be looked after, so if you cant keep it polished at looking its best it can sometimes detract from the room rather than add to it.

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