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A Million Wii Accessories and Counting

The Wii game console from Nintendo is one of the most innovative and fun game systems on the market.  Even without extras the console can keep you busy for hours with the many interesting and challenging titles available for it.  This article focuses on the basic Wii remote and the virtually endless supply of accessories designed for it.  From covers and jackets to attachments, more accessories have been made for the Wii remote than for any other console in history.  While this article only focuses on a few of the most popular Wii accessories, there is something for everyone on the market for economical prices.

One of the most basic and widely produced accessories for the remote is the rubberized jackets that can be used with it.  Nintendo makes and supplies clear rubber jackets with most consoles however there are a variety of aftermarket designs in endless styles and colors.  If clear is not your style you can find every color in the rainbow and more for the Wii remote jacket.  Popular ones include pink, blue black and camouflage.  They are molded in various fashions some thicker and some made as thin “skins” so as not to interfere with game play.  Popular pop culture characters can be printed or molded into the design as well as logos from popular movies and sports teams.  Jackets can retail from 5.99 to 15.99 depending on the style and manufacturer.  The possibilities are endless!

Another cool accessory for the remote is the Wii Motion plus which works to further synchronize the device and increases its accuracy.  The Motion plus is required and even accompanies some games such as Wii sports resort however it can be used with virtually any game for pin-point accuracy.  It comes in two colors for the two colors of Wii remotes which are white and black.  It retails alone for about 50 bucks but it can also be included in package deals with Wii Sports resort or other games.

The two accessories highlighted in this article are a drop in the bucket compared to the vast array of extras made for the Wii.  Everything from replica guns, light sabers, sports equipment, to weight loss tools are made for the Wii remotes.  If there is a game that incorporates and object, you can bet there is an accessory for it.

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