A Rigid Polemic Against Shower Wet Rooms

This is a polemic, so you should not be surprised when I say, categorically and without any room for disagreement, that shower wet rooms are unequivocally the single worst available method for bathing that yet exists. There is not a single bathing method that is worse than the shower wet room except for those methods that use sand, and those methods are only used by those to whom water is more for drinking than bathing and also for birds.

Walk in showers in general are more useful than wet rooms. The fact that you have a cubicle system and receptacles in which to keep the excess water is a very good point in their favor, and a lot of people since the time of the romans have seen fit to keep it that way. They are quite simply superior bathing devices because their design is uniquely suited to their particular purpose, while the wet room system does more harm than good, prompting the growth of ridiculous amounts of fungal mold which are not only unsightly but dangerous to health as well.

This alone is enough reason to discard the wet room system forever, but some people will retain it for economic reasons, not realizing that their health bills due to fungal mold infection and the money they will spend on repairing moisture cracks and swellings in wooden fixtures and furniture will far exceed the supposed economic benefits of choosing the wet room system over any objectively superior system.

It is simply not an intelligent move to choose the wet room system and you will be punished by the very system you have chosen if you so choose it. The fungal molds will take their toll on your lungs and mucus membranes, and the furniture, wall, and other sorts of damage will take their toll on your wallet. With this two fold attack you will no doubt soon come to regret the choice of the supposedly cheaper wet room system and instead have a custom shower system built as promptly as possible to make up for your terrible mistake.

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