A Selection Of Stretch Mark Removal Methods

One of the popular stretch mark removal methods is using topical creams or lotions. Creams or lotions are less expensive as compared to subjecting yourself to laser or surgical procedure. Some of the techniques involved in stretch mark removal are also used for acne scar treatment. This is also a natural method of removing stretch marks as it does not require you to undergo such painful procedures. Unfortunately, creams provide best results only after using it several times. Unlike laser treatment, creams do not provide users visible results.

Scar removal creams can be bought without any prescriptions. Some of them contain natural ingredients while others contain chemicals which may harm your skin. For you to make sure that the creams you are using only contain natural ingredients, make sure that you read the label or consult your doctor for some scar removal cream recommendations.

A quality scar removal cream should have the ability to promote cell regeneration and it should contain ingredients which are intended for skin repair. Some of the important ingredients that should be present in a cream are collagen and elastin. There are creams that can penetrate deeply into the inner layer of the skin. You can purchase this type of creams to totally remove scars or stretch marks. You should also bear in mind that creams only work on the surface of the skin. Some of your stretch marks may be removed but others will just lighten.

Creams are not only designed to remove stretch marks. It is also capable of preventing stretch marks from developing. It acts as moisturizer and can be used by pregnant women. Others creams contain shea butter which is known to heal stretch marks and provide users with a healthy looking skin. Creams that contain this certain type of ingredient are available on the market.

Laser treatment or other surgical procedures may be required if your stretch marks cannot be removed by using natural stretch mark removal methods. Your first option if you want to consider more advanced methods of removing stretch marks is dermabrasion. This procedure is quite painful as it burns the outer layer of your skin with stretch marks so it will be replaced by healthy skin. Another option is laser treatment. This is less painful but it only requires less downtime. These procedures are more advanced and also expensive. You can also try using cocoa butter as this acts as moisturizer and it makes your skin more elastic. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you consult a dermatologist first as some of these methods may not work for you.

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