A Word About TCA

The technical name for TCA is Trichloroacetic acid.  It is stronger than sulfuric acid and is widely used in biochemistry with DNA and RNA.

There have been many uses and benefits have come from the discovery of TCA.  TCA is an ingredient found in various products used to treat skin imperfections. It is a peeling agent that has successfully treated small lines and wrinkles. It has also been found to work well on removing acne scars, stretch marks, age spots, and moles.  It is also found in some tattoo removal products.

It is used by doctors, medical spas and private individuals as a skin peeling agent.  With the popularity of medical spas and cosmetic procedures, TCA has found to be a good solution to treating a wide range of blemishes and skin conditions.

The use of TCA results in a smoother surface and adds a vitality to the skin.  TCA is not the only chemical option for these chemical peels but it is the most popular.

The effectiveness and success of TCA tattoo removal products purposes is still mixed.  Many medical professionals claim TCA cannot reach the dermis layer of skin where the ink resides.  Their general opinion is TCA cannot remove professionally done body art. The internet has an abundant amount of medical doctors speaking up against the product but their voicing their opinion and pushing laser – a service they offer.  So it’s hard to take some of these opinions at face value.  A forum for tattoos or tattoo removal is your best option for honest opinions and experiences.

An amateur tattoo may have more positive results using TCA.   One estimate indicated that four to six TCA 20% peels administered every 2 weeks will lighten a homemade tattoo.  But even with this more ideal scenario, TCA will not remove the tattoo entirely.

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