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When you are planning to renovate and change the interior of your home to a more contemporary and retro style. Candles and candle holders will play an important part in achieving these goals. It is important that you understand and plan your interior properly as any odd looking items will spoil the mood and theme. Use several different candle holders to combine different colors together to create the retro and latest design elements. Combine both and you will get a contemporary design. Always remember that in contemporary designs a candle holder or candle wall sconce plays an important part. It does not only hold the candle in place but it becomes the part or you’re interior. If you get the right candle holder right you will be rewarded with a perfect looking interior.

Candle holders are available in different materials, shapes and sizes. Usually for interiors of rooms that are of smaller size, people tend to buy small size candle holders. However, in case of larges rooms with more interior space people prefer tall and heavy candle holders. Candle holders are not only about size and shape, their built quality and the message they portray is important too. A candle holder made from marble will have a different look and finish than a stone or a salt candle holder.

Salt candle holders in particular are very expansive due to their uniqueness. They are handcrafted and provide timeless looks. Candle light passes through the candle holder and creates an orange effect that is simply priceless to see. Candleholder made from plaster provides a retro look and they can be further polished with the gold or silver dust depending on the look that you desire. Candle holder made from bronze and silver are a little expansive but provide a perfect item in contemporary interiors.

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