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Acupuncture In Addiction Recovery

Acupuncture has been in practice for more than 3000 years and has been, somewhat recently adopted by the western world for the treatment of a wide variety of physical and mental illnesses. The most significant of these is without a doubt, meth addiction recovery. Originally, acupuncture was used in conjunction with Methadone, a powerful narcotic used to relieve withdrawal symptoms in recovering addicts. Ironically, Methadone is also extremely addictive.

The results of acupuncture addiction therapy studies were so remarkable, that the first acupuncture detoxification clinic was opened within Lincoln Memorial Hospital in South Bronx, New York in 1974. Its success led to the opening of similar clinics in San Francisco, Chicago, Portland and many other cities nationwide. The success of acupuncture therapy to treat addiction eventually allowed Methadone to be stripped from the program entirely.

Acupuncture is said to increase the level of endorphins within the nervous system, acting as a natural painkillers and relieving the devastating symptoms of withdrawal. Today, acupuncture therapy is quickly becoming a powerful weapon in the war against meth addiction. Acupuncture therapy helps treat the physical symptoms of drug addiction, allowing us to concentrate treatment efforts more closely on the problems psychological factors.

Acupuncture addiction is also possible but is rarely ever reported. Although no addiction could be considered healthy, most people given the choice would choose it over meth addiction. Although the correlation between acupuncture and addiction is still somewhat unclear, it undoubtedly shows a great deal of promise when it comes to alleviating our great nation of its substance abuse plague.

While acupuncture for addiction is young and not yet completely understood, it has been intriguing enough to inspire the opening of many clinics dedicated to the research. While some scientists may disagree, citing results from blind studies in which a fake form of acupuncture is compared to the genuine article, this is not enough to discredit it. If this were true, then it is doubtful the eastern world would hang on to it for 3000 years. Anyone suffering from addiction should consider looking into acupuncture addiction therapy. After all, what have they got to lose?

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