Add Depth And Beauty With Tiny Table Lamps

Small table lamps add a level of color and depth to a room that using standard floor lamps and larger lamps alone cannot produce.  The level of light that a low wattage small table lamp can offer won’t light up a large space alone, but it will add a layer of light to an existing space that can draw attention to a specific area and draw attention away from places you don’t want noticed.  I use my small lamps to draw the eye away from the television and toward the centerpiece on my coffee table.

Use Light To Make A Room Seem Comfortable

I love the way I can take a few small table lamps and put them somewhere to draw attention to the area I choose.  Through this simple trick I’ve managed to move the eye of someone walking into the room away from my ugly wall air conditioner and entertainment center and toward the areas that I’ve got decorated in a way that looks great.  To keep things safe for my small child, I’ve found that I can use small table lamps to get the same mood changing effect I can get with candles without the added fire danger.

Small Lamps Work Well With Artistic Colored Shades

To use your small lamps to change the mood in the room try alternating several small colored lamp shades.  These shades can filter the light just enough to tone down white light in a room and add a bit of either warm or cool color.  The change is usually pretty minor, but even a small difference can end up making your living room seem comfortable and inviting.  Owning a few small shades isn’t hard since the price is generally much lower than the price on large lamp shades for table lamps done in a similar style.

Small lamps with a carefully chosen shade can make all the difference in the world when you look at how inviting and comfortable your living room seems.  They are generally an inexpensive purchase, even when you add shades, and they are small enough to fit just about anywhere.  I’m happy I started using a few little lamps to brighten up my living room, and I’m guessing anyone else who tries a couple will enjoy the results as well.

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