Garage Storage Ideas from a Woman’s Perspective

Typically, a man makes the storage and organization decisions when it comes to a home’s garage. If there is also a woman living in the house, however, he would be wise to consider her perspective. What she probably cares about is aesthetics, cleanliness and ease of use. And, in all likelihood, that’s all she’ll care about — in that order — but she will have strong opinions about those issues.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it’s clear than clutter is the enemy of beauty. Clutter looks ugly. It looks like no one cares. And even though everything might be perfectly “in its place,” a woman will want a garage storage solution which organizes and puts things away so the space is more visually appealing. Even plastic storage cabinets are preferable to clutter!

A related point is cleanliness. Items should be cleaned before they are stored, even if you intend to clean them when you bring them out of storage. Off-season clothes if stored dirty might attract pests. Organic residue might spoil and start to smell. Greasy rags might actually cause a fire (spontaneous combustion) and create a safety hazard. Sweaty sports equipment can actually start to rot.

The ease with which the garage storage ideas selected can be maintained, from a woman’s perspective, means several things. First, it means that any boxes or bins that hold groups of items are not overloaded and too heavy to lift. Second, it means that items are not stored at heights which are too hard, or impossible, to reach. It means that any covers or door or drawers are labeled or easy enough to open so that the items sought can easily be found.

A man’s home is his castle — and, perhaps, the garage is his throne — but keeping the queen bee happy with your choices about how to best organize it is simply a matter of remembering the roles beauty, cleanliness and ease of use play.

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