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Add Quinoa to your Diet to Improve Your Health!

If you feel a little tired or stressed out with the daily activities that you must do, you may be having some problems with your diet. There are only a few people who knew that what you eat may be a big factor in your health. Taking more meat and oily foods can make you feel tired and heavy all the time. So to regain energy, try taking lighter but healthier foods like quinoa. Quinoa is considered a grain but it is more of a seed. It resembles a lot like rice but healthier and can be used for a lot of dishes and recipes. This is why quinoa is now known to many people. Here are the steps on how to cook quinoa easily:

First, soak the quinoa in cold water until the wax runs off. Soaking will also prevent your quinoa from becoming bitter when cooked because it helps to remove the saponin from the exterior of the seeds.  You can buy pre-soaked quinoas from groceries; just check the label for this. If the quinoa that you buy does not specifically say that it has been pre-rinsed, you should always take the time to soak and rinse.   After soaking, put in quinoa in a pot with two cups of water for every cup of quinoa. Cook until quinoa absorbs the water.

The steps are pretty simple. Anybody can do the cooking without the need for extensive cooking skills. There are a lot of quinoa recipes that you can try. And most of them are very simple to do. Here is one quinoa recipe that you can try. It is taco salad quinoa which you can find online. First, add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil to the cooked quinoa. Add lime juice and toss. Add sea salt, diced onion, chopped cilantro, corn kernels and diced yellow pepper. Toss in a bowl and add diced avocado. Then arrange the tortilla chips on the side.

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