Air Jordan 12: Coming Back

The Air Jordan shoes especially the later models did not have the Nike swoosh logo which has not really affected the sales of the popular series of shoes as the twelfth version came out just at the same time as the fifth Most Valuable Player award of the very famous basketball player Michael Jordan. The 12th installment of the Nike Air Jordan series has become one of the most exciting designs which really sold very well, from the time that the shoes were launched all sports ads were all leading to the fast promotion of this shoes. There Nike Air Jordan 12 has a very clean cut and this was seen when the Most Valuable Player award was completely swept by the main man himself.

The ribbed leather matched the color of the middle soles that made watchers have a second look on these shoes. The new design had the red circle which got its inspiration from the Japanese Army and Navy. This specific design showed a new perspective on rubber shoes. This pair did not come as light as the first few designs for the Nike Air Jordan this became a little bulk with a distinct quality of construction and durability. Most people agree that these shoes are really durable and sturdy that can work on the roughest and toughest activities and sports. At first the Nike Air Jordan wasn’t as impacting as the other designs though consumers believed in the characteristic of durability and lasting power. The fact that this has tighter seams and clean sewn edges made these shoes really clean and firm that made this stand out among other shoe brands. This Air Jordan 12 was known all over the world and just like the other designs the youth became the main buyers of this edgy rubber shoes because the considered it the new kicks of the season.

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