Americas Top 120 An Alternative To Cable

One of the great things about America is that in almost every industry there is competition.   Even when it looks like there is a monopoly, usually someone innovates and takes market share away from the top dog.  One example of this is in the cable and satellite television industry.  For about the first fifteen years of the cable television era, they held a virtual monopoly over the consumer.  If you wanted content beyond what the big three networks were offering, you pretty much had to go with your local cable company.

Now there were satellite dish units out there as well, but they were huge ten foot monstrosities, and you had to have a huge backyard and a cement pad just to install the dish.  But in the early 90’s, new units came on the scene that were only about three feet wide.  These digital broadcast satellite receivers could be mounted on the side or top of your home and were not in the way.

Fast forward to today, and one of those satellite pioneers Dish Network is still offering great value on satellite service.  One of their lower tier packages, the Americas top 120 starts off at an affordable $24.99 a month.  While that is a promotional price, the regular rate is still only about $40 a month.  This offers the consumer an affordable alternative to digital cable, which usually runs anywhere from $60 to $70 a month.

While you still do need to have a place to put that satellite TV dish, it of course is nothing like the old style models.  Todays units are even smaller, and they can also deliver much more HD content than your local cable company.  In fact, Dish Network now offers nearly 150 high definition channels, including great networks like Discovery and ESPN.  Even those in an apartment can get Dish Network satellite TV if they have a private balcony area.

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