Are Brands Important in Buying Wheelchairs?

When the need to obtain a wheelchair arises, it is important to be aware of your options. If you have the right budget and you are willing to spend on it, then the best would be to acquire a brand new mobility device. On the other hand, if your financial status impairs you from buying a firsthand device then it is time to consider preowned goods.

Some of the popular wheelchair names are Quickie and Permobil. Both of the brands manufacture and create mobility devices that would cater to the need of people with disability. They make sure that their clients would have comfortable chairs that could run fast and steadily. Moreover, they make sure that their devices would not easily give up on their users.

Sadly, these names do not always impress everybody especially if those with low budget. Sometime, these people would settle for any brand of wheelchair. Is this okay? Well, they’d know the answer soon enough.

Aside from other brands, the other option would be to purchase used wheelchairs. Used Quickie electric wheelchairs may not be as sleek as the first hand units. But, when it comes to performance and durability, they could still be better than some brands. In fact, you only need to know how long the unit has been used and why was it offered for sale.

By delving into second hand shops and sites, you could also hit a jackpot and find a somewhat used Permobil wheelchair. To be honest, you just have to be a little bit more patience, and you could have a really good wheelchair.

Naturally, there would be others out there who would say that buying brand new mobility devices even from unknown manufacturers is always better. Is it really? The truth is, the big names in mobility devices didn’t get to the top without producing quality assistive devices. Part of their popularity came from the positive feedback of their clients all over the world. So, unless somewhat can vouch for the quality of the wheelchair you are planning to buy, go for those that have made their names already even if you have to buy their second hand units.

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