Are the Guess Carrie Pumps Hot?

The Carrie Pumps from Guess defines sexy in every angle. Designed to fit any woman who looks for beauty and elegance, no wonder this is a seller. It has a pointed toe design, that can definitely pair any outfit including jeans and dresses. Made with high quality leather, this shoe really looks great. Stylish, sexy and elegant is the complete compliment for this pair of shoes. These are just as popular as the Nine West Barbe Pumps.

The Carrie pumps maintain the sex appeal in both the shoe and the legs. The shape of the shoe really elongates the legs. Not only does it make the legs elongated, but it also makes them thinner too. Despite being a high heel, with 4 inches in height, they are quite comfortable.  There are two problems about these shoes though. First is the back part. It has no traction that makes walking very difficult. When walking on marble flooring or slippery platforms, they tend to slide. The second issue is about the shoe shape. While it looks hot and sexy, and it really does, the design makes the feet look huge.  But overall this pair is a must buy for any girl. With a good price, it surely is worth every penny being comfortable and sexy at the same time. These Carrie stilettos can be worn at work and even in parties. Dance the night out and still stay comfortable.  With Carrie, transition from work to casual is easy. These shoes are classical and wearable all year round. A must-have to add to any woman’s closet, show that sexiness with every step. These shoes deserve to be on top.

Walk the streets with style and elegance. The Carrie pump would definitely earn compliments. This is the perfect shoe that can be worn from Mondays to Sundays.  Be in style, get what you pay for. CARRIE on!

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