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Attributes of the Best Mystery Romance Novels

The best mystery romance novels are intentionally written to be sometimes confusing with complicated plots running through the central theme of romance. This mix is not new but it has gained the fancy of many people including those that are not actually drawn to love stories. The suspense and the thrill on every turn of the page are identifiable with best mystery romance novels. The mixed feelings of being hopeful of the fate of the hero and the heroine and going over the complex situations they are in are the reasons why these novels are warmly welcomed by many readers.

Mystery romance novels are fascinating and therefore very engaging. It is like a “hybrid” romance novel that put in many more elements to the romantic storyline. It can easily grip readers to what could possibly happen next giving them the reason to not let go of the book until they are through the last page.

Romance novels go over realities and existing struggles about love. It frees us, enabling us to imagine a place where love really exists and works. It is a feel-good book that can easily lift our hopes up to find that one person that would fight for you no matter what.

Historical romance novels are also an interesting take for this very wide genre. These stories are written in the time of kings and queens giving you a new experience to the love story. The grandiose setting and the scale of the romance of two powerful people can also elevate the experience of the book. Although the elements of the story are the same, the “stage” of the story is very different.

Best mystery romance novels are compelling reads. It is not necessarily action packed (although some also have this element) but they are interesting to read because it delivers a blow by blow account of the running mystery of the story. You just can’t see how the story ends, making it very important that you get to that last page as soon as possible!

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