Avoiding B12 Deficiency

Our bodies don’t produce vitamin b12 meaning we need to find other sources to ensure our body has enough of this essential vitamin. The main source is through the food we eat. Most people will consume enough vitamin b12 through their regular diet; therefore don’t need to worry about taking supplements to top up their b12 stores.

Because meat products are the most common and have high levels of b12, many vegetarians are concerned that they will become b12 deficient. This is a common misconception as b12 is contained within a wide range of foods, many of which a vegetarian will consume.

Most people who do suffer from a b12 deficiency, are people who suffer from some kind of medical condition which prevents their body from absorbing vitamin b12 the way a normal person’s body does. In this case the Doctor will prescribe vitamin b12 shots or a supplement to increase your b12 levels.
It’s difficult to recognize if you have a b12 deficiency without a blood test done at your Doctor’s office. However, there are a few warning signs which can help you:

Tingling, loss of sensation in lower body
Digestive or stomach issues

If you do recognise these symptoms then a visit to your Doctor is highly recommended ASAP. Please don’t try and treat yourself without your Doctor diagnosing you. These symptoms can also be a sign of other medical problems, therefore you should never self medicate.

While vitamin b12 injections are primarily used to treat people with a deficiency, they can also be used to give people a boost in energy. I am not an expert therefore cannot say for certain whether a vitamin b12 shot will give you an energy boost. However, through my research I have found many people who successful use b12 shots for an energy boost.

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