B-List of Harry Potter Spells

While you’re looking for a complete list of Harry Potter movies, you might also want to check out some Harry Potter spells on the web. For easier searching, you can look for alphabetical listings of these spells. Here are is a B- list of Harry Potter spells, mentioned in the books.

Babbling Curse

The Babbling curse is used to induce a person to babble when they speak. This spell was mentioned in the book by Gilderoy Lockhart when he once cured a villager from Transylvania who had been a victim of this curse.

Banishing Charm

The Banishing charm is the counter spell of Accio. It banishes or eliminates the object upon which the spell is performed. This spell was first seen in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Bat-Bogey Hex

The Bat Bogey Hex is used to make the opponent’s bogeys bigger and grow wings so that they attack the opponent instead.

Bedazzling Hex

The Bedazzling Hex bears resemblance to the Disillusionment Charm. This spell is used in making invisibility cloaks and in concealing things or individuals.

Bubble Head Charm

The Bubble Head charm is used to create a large bubble around the head of the head of the spell caster. The bubble functions in the same way as a scuba set.


Bombarda is a spell used in blasting open a door.

Bombarda Maxima

Bombarda Maxima is a more potent version of the Bombarda spell, and is also used in blasting open a door.

Bracchium Emendo

Bracchium Emendo is a spell used in fixing the broken forearm of an individual.

You can find a complete list of Harry Potter spells A-Z on the web, if you’re looking for more spells on your favorite fantasy series. These spells are an entertaining and educational read, and shows clearly the imaginative genius of J.K. Rowling as an author.

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