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Balsamic Vinaigrette: Simple, Healthy and Versatile Salad Dressing

There are different types of salad dressing that can be used. Although some dressings enhance the taste of salads, not all are healthy. They can even be high in fat and high in calories which defeat the purpose of eating salad. However, among all these dressings, there is one type that is easy to prepare, tasty, healthy, versatile and useful. This is the balsamic vinaigrette.

Anybody can make balsamic vinaigrette. It does not require too many ingredients. In fact, it is made by simply mixing balsamic vinegar and olive oil. The usual proportion of these ingredients is one part of balsamic vinegar for every three parts olive oil. Both ingredients are available in almost any store. But, the kind of balsamic vinegar must be carefully chosen. Age-old and authentic vinegar tastes better and can create more special vinaigrette.

Aside from simply using olive oil and balsamic vinegar, the vinaigrette can be made into different varieties by adding other ingredients like herbs and spices. Some examples of these are chives, sage and ginger root. Other ingredients can also be added depending on one’s preference and taste.

The main use of balsamic vinaigrette is a healthy salad dressing. It is added to garden salad or the newly introduced quinoa salad. Aside from salads, it can also be combined with other dishes as a sauce like lobsters, artichokes, asparagus and scallops. It is also best with freshly sliced vegetables like tomatoes or steamed ones like broccoli and carrots.

Balsamic vinegar dressing is one of the healthy types of salad dressing. It is low in fat and low in calories. On top of these, it is easy to make and its ingredients readily available. Furthermore, it is very versatile since there are different ingredients that can be added to it without altering its taste. Finally, it fits well with many other types of dishes other than salad. Indeed, balsamic vinaigrette is simple, healthy, tasty and versatile salad dressing.

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