Beaded Green Amber Bracelets

Are you a jewelry fanatic who can’t stop spending on beautiful accessories for your collection? Do you constantly crave something unique to wear without having to spend a fortune over it? If you do then you should check out amber bracelets. Amber is not a stone, it’s actually a resin that’s formed from tree sap. What makes it special is its inclusions. When the tree sap drips from the tree, it takes along small creatures and particles (AKA inclusions). When it dries up, the particles are fossilized. You can see these inclusions inside your amber piece. They are really attention grabbers. People can’t help but notice them and compliment you for your fine taste.

If you want a really beautiful amber bracelet, you should go for the beaded green amber. These natural gems are found in the Baltic region and are perfect for making high quality ladies accessories. If you are thinking of buying then you would do well to choose piece which have been set in silver. You can buy great pieces at Fire and Ice which is an online shop with a very classic collection and something to suit everyone.

Thinking of giving these green amber bracelets as a gift? Why not make it extra special by making them yourself? They are quite easy to do. You can buy your beads at Amber Workshop and string or wire them yourself using your own design. The beads are already drilled with holes so you don’t have to worry about how to string them. They come in different shapes too like square, oval and round. You can make a beautiful rosary with it.

If green amber isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Amber comes in many different colors that are cheaper than the green variety. They come in colors like cognac, rich cherry reds and lemon yellows. There is even Pandora style amber beads sold through Andzia. The set will run you around 47 USD. That’s not a bad price because you are buying a piece of history trapped in tiny beautiful beads.

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