Is jewelry a good flower girl gift?

One of the newest customs at weddings these days is the pressure to give the friends in the wedding party gift. That means giving gifts to the bridesmaid, best man, ring bearer and of course there are flower girl gifts. This creates a great pressure in what has become an already expensive and pressurized environment for the bride. Not only does she have to think of every little detail related to the wedding, but she also now has to think  up gifts for the adults and the children.

Thinking up gifts for the adults may be alot harder than for the the little girls. Little girls are easier to please then adults and most little girls like alot of the same things. Since the flower girls are very preoccupied with their flower girl dresses before and after the wedding, it may be a good idea to buy gifts that tie into the dresses. Sashes, hair accessories, gloves, baskets or anything else that matches the dresses is a good gift.

However, the best gift for little girls is most probably jewelry. With little girls you don’t have to worry about taste as they are not yet very developed in their taste, especially in jewelry. If you buy them a little pendant necklace on which you can hang a heart or some other charm they will be absolutely thrilled. Another great use of charms, which little girls love is to buy them a bracelet that has the possibility of add on charms. This way it is an unfinished proposition and anyone can always get them a gift of a charm that they can just add to their bracelet. If you would rather buy bangles then you need to make sure that you buy a few of them. The allure of the bangles is the way they clang together when they walk, so one would definitely not do the trick.

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