Beautiful Garden Lighting For Spring

There are a multitude of garden lighting styles to match any taste. Some hang, others sit on a wall or patio. Still others can be staked in a shaded corner of the flora to attract some stray rays of sunlight during specific times of the day. Regardless of personal taste many of the kinds that will attract attention can be found where all other garden supplies are purchased.

Solar and plug in lighting are great. Plain solar powered garden lights that stake into the ground around the edge of a walk or wall are lovely. They are available in a few different shades of metal with a small solar battery atop to charge them during the daylight hours. Plug in flowering trees are also available. They come in lovely colors such as pink, green and yellow for the delight of all who enjoy their patio or deck. It adds a bit of muted color and a party like aura around the whole place.

Other forms of garden lighting come in unique shapes and ideas. Gnomes, light houses, birds, dragon flies and more are on the market for those who really take the time to work up a nice garden area to enjoy during the whole year. There are more that come with hanging hooks or on strings to light up the whole space. Make every day a holiday with colored, flashing or swinging lighting fixtures.

More special forms are roses or lilies that change colors right before your eyes. They blink back and forth giving a lovely light show to all. Speckled lit globes, staked turtles, suns, geese, and hummingbirds can dance through the evening without a sound.

There are so many styles to choose from it will be hard to choose a single theme for your yard. It is certain that some, if not several, will catch the eyes of those who love to add color and flair to their gardens and walkways.

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