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Ben 10 Omnitrix: A Variety Of Power

The Ben 10 Omnitrix is the powerful watch-like device that little Ben Tennyson found on his camping trip with his grandfather and cousin. This device is the source of his power. For every child who loves to watch Ben 10 and role play, the Omnitrix is the most important prop to have.  The Omnitrix toy is made in a variety of styles and versions for each child to play with and enjoy.

From the original series there is the Omnitrix FX and Alien Viewer. The Omnitrix FX is black and consists of a game with lights and sounds but the viewer on the face of the watch is very small and only silhouettes of the aliens can be seen.  The Alien Viewer Omnitrix does not contain any sounds or lights. It has a viewer screen that disks have to be put underneath to view the picture and you have to shine a light on it to see the miniature image.

The versions of the Omnitrix toy have improved greatly since the original was first introduced.  The Deluxe Omnitrix is the best black style watch and comes with a mini video style game. The Ultimate Omnitrix is from the Alien Force sequel and has changed to green in color but does not have the game any longer. Instead it has lights and sounds as well as a miniature action figure that attaches to the face of the watch.  You can also purchase more mini action figures that will fit on this device.  The other toy version from the sequel Alien Force is the Omnitrix Projector. It can be used as a role play device as well as a projector to project alien images onto a wall.  Three disks come with the device and each features five images which change as the disk is clicked around. There are also options of different colors that can be used.

Finally there are several actual working Ben 10 wrist watches that come in a variety of styles.  The Ben 10 Omnitrix watch is the central part of the whole Ben 10 series so therefore many toy varieties of this particular device have been made and are being used in role play every day by children of all ages.

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