Blinds or Curtains?

There are three options open to homeowners who are considering window coverings: blinds, curtain panels or a combination of the two. Using blinds and curtains together is probably the option that will give the most control over the amount of light you will be able to let into the room. Typically blinds are considered better to block out light entirely, however with block out curtain fabrics, curtain can do just as good a job if you prefer not to use blinds.

If you simply want window dressing for esthetic reasons and not for light blocking then curtains will provide more options for a sophisticated look. Choosing a stylish curtain rod will further enhance the design and look of the windows.

If your curtains have a gathered casing at the top, you can use a valance or a swag to cover it. Valances can have a dramatic effect on windows that might otherwise be boring. They can contribute to the style of the room with color and design.

Among the popular curtains used today one of the top choice is tab-top curtain panels. They are perfect if you want to show off a good looking curtain rod. Another type of curtains that emphasizes the rod is the grommet top. Both styles will slide other the rod and let it show in between tabs or grommets. However the grommet are often smaller than the finials on the rods, so be sure the one end is removable before you buy the rod.

The trendy look in curtains today is a layered look. Whereas you have a sheer curtain below a heavier fabric panel. Sometimes long panels and short ones can be layered together. We are no longer stuck to a traditional way of doing things and you can pretty much display your curtains in a way that is pleasing to you, as long as it is harmonious with the rest of the room.

Blinds are still used extensively but are more of a utilitarian nature than decorative. To make the blinds be less conspicuous in a room then they are often covered with curtains.

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