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Bob The Builder Phone: A Great Educational Toy

A toy Bob the Builder phone can make for a great gift for a toddler as it will prove to be both fun and educational. Understanding the benefits of it will help you to decide whether it will be suitable for your child.

In addition to the standard landline type phone, a Bob the Builder mobile phone is also available on the market. The latter will enable a child to mimic the main character himself in taking phone calls in relation to construction jobs. No matter which one you opt for, you will find that there are a range of different activities that can be undertaken with it.

The colors that the phones are made from tend to be bright ones that are attractive to children, such as yellow. The buttons of the phone are often decorated with pictures of characters from the Bob the Builder cartoon, which will enable them to recognize their favorite. The toys are usually suitable for children aged 2 years and upward, which is the stage when they begin to mimic the adults around them. Children will learn to lift the receiver to their ear and begin to understand that the action allows them to speak to others. Pressing the buttons will help to sharpen hand and eye co-ordination.

As well as the normal beep type sounds that this type of toy often produce, there are phones available which speak when a button is pressed. The particular catchphrase of a character will be played when the corresponding button is pressed, which will enable the child to associate the words with the character. Similarly, children can gain a great deal of satisfaction from a Bob the Builder phone as their action (pressing a button) will produce a result (a ring, beep or a voice).

These Bob the builder toys can be hard to find in shops these days, but your search will be worth it if you can get hold of one.

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