Boilers: Energy Star

Boilers are used by many households in the US and around the world. Boilers are used to heat homes. This is achieved by using a fuel, typically natural gas, LP or oil. This fuel is put into a combustion changer. The exhaust from the chemical reaction warms a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger contains a medium which is usually steam or water. This warm steam or water is send through a series of pipes throughout the home. These pipes are usually fed to radiators that are placed throughout the home and enable the person in the room to control the temperature.
Energy Star qualified boilers have a high fuel utilization efficiency also known as AFUE. This efficiency has to be 85% or greater in order for it to qualify as an Energy Star boiler. A higher efficiency boiler allows you to not only save money, but it also helps the environment by reducing the amount of fuel used and the amount of fumes dispersed. The guidelines are set by the EPA (environmental protection agency). Another great thing about Energy Star products is that you might be qualify for a government tax rebate if you purchase an Energy Star appliance.
So, how are boiler makers able to achieve these efficiencies? One of the energy saving features is an electronic ignition. Instead of always having a pilot light burning, an electronic ignition is only on when ignition is needed. Combustion research has led to more efficient combustion of the fuels being used. The third new technology contributing to higher efficiencies is that these boilers offer sealed combustion and use outside air that reduces drafts and improves the safety of your boiler.
There are many boilers to consider. You should certainly consider an Energy Star boiler replacement especially given all of the inherent benefits plus the added bonus of a potential government rebate.

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