Building Christmas Memories

Probably the best part about the holidays are the future memories you are creating. Childhood memories of Christmas are invaluable to most of us. Use the reflection of your own memories to begin creating special memories for your children and grandchildren. Think about the little things that you remember that mean so much to you. Was it the reflective, festive color of the various wrapping papers? Maybe you simply remember the smell of sugar cookies. One of my favorite memories were the Christmas Eve cookies that we set out for Santa. That was such a huge responsibility that we all fought over the honor of putting the cookies on the plate. Never occurred to us that we could each set out our own plate for Santa. Hmm, maybe that could work at your house if you have more than one child in the house? Anyway, while you’re collecting your Christmas tableware in preparation of the season, don’t forget the impact that your table setting efforts have on your kids. They’re going to remember these moments for a lifetime. It may just be dishes to you but it’s more than that to your kids.

An easily forgotten item is the Christmas tree skirt. We usually swoop it across the tree stand and don’t give it a second thought because, as adults, we don’t spend much time down under the tree. Well, your kids spend hours upon hours underneath the tree. They’re sitting down there shaking and rearranging packages, laying underneath and looking up at the lights; they notice Christmas tree skirts because they’re laying on it half the season! Take some time to add a new tree skirt that sparks the imagination of your kids and gives them one more thing to be excited about during the holidays. Better yet, let your kids participate in making your very own tree skirt! They’ll treasure the memory of doing this together and this is a craft that can be done easily with felt and glue.

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