Cabin Comfort and Space-Savers

Cabins are commonly small structures with one large room and a restroom. Others provide private bedrooms. Regardless of the layout of the cabin, space becomes an issue. There are several ways to save on floor space and allow room for comfort. Compact cabinetry and small cook stoves provide kitchen amenities and storage of pots, pans, dishes and utensils. Wall heaters provide warmth in any area of the cabin, and the use of bunk beds makes use of available space.

Bunk beds come in many styles dependent on the decorative theme of the cabin. Most are rather rustic in nature depending on the region visited. Wooden frames are often used for country or hunting themes while metal frames and bottom futons with an attached top bunk are found in more modern dcor. Mattress types vary from an old-fashioned feather bed to brand name mattresses of different materials. Air beds and foam mattresses have become more common to accommodate guests with allergies to more natural materials. No matter which type of frame or mattress material is used, heaters in the room should be placed well away from the beds for safety reasons.

Cabin heaters come in different styles and use different heat sources. For example, electric heaters may be used if the cabin is equipped with commercial electric service. Cabins in more remote areas that do not have that service available may use battery electricity or a generator for lighting and ignition of the heaters. Sources of fuel for cabin heaters include propane, diesel fuel, fuel oil and kerosene. If electric ignition and blower fans are not possible, these fuels allow for radiating heat and are still efficient in dispersing heat in the cabin depending on the insulation the walls and ceilings contain. Wood burning heaters are more rare in cabins due to concerns of the fire being uncontrolled. It is a good idea to ask the cabin owner the type of heaters installed in the cabin, as well as other amenities available before committing to rent. This insures that comfort and safety are provided with the vacation space offered.

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