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Canvas Painting Ideas for Any Skill Level

Canvas painting ideas can be a fun addition to almost any room. It’s just a matter of really experiment with all of the materials that are available to you. You can do this at almost any skill level and even the kids can help you to accomplish this and it can match orange wallpaper or green wallpaper.

One thing that you might really want to venture into is going to be stencils. Of course you need to keep this quite elegant because at times it can seem a little bit country. This is something that has been outdated in recent years. However, going with a higher quality piece and really embracing the stencil itself can change all this up. You could just try going with a simple color wash. This is the same on canvases as it would be if you’re doing a faux finish on your wall. It just requires more of a muted palette and lots of blending.

Then you could just add a very simple element on top of this. This could even be a mixed media piece. If you wanted to put a medallion on top of this or just try out a fleur de lis stencil.

You can also go for more of a grunge effect if you want to go for a modern art piece in a living room or just in a teenagers room. This is going to require that you use a lot more basic stencils. This can even be something like simple inexpensive house numbers that you often can find at any hardware store quite inexpensively. You can really then try spray painting it for more of any contemporary kind of look. You can spell any word or even put a series of words or even just a lot of fun numbers together.

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