Choose Black Court Shoes For Everyday Style

If you are looking for a shoe that combines high style with practical functionality then look no further than black court shoes. Known in the UK as court shoes and in the US as pumps, these simple strapless slip-on shoes with a high heel are the perfect multi-functional everyday shoe for today’s multi-tasking women. Black is the best choice of color for any shoe as it goes with just about everything. Black is a perfect serious color for formal office wear and an equally perfect glamorous color for party wear.

This is such a simple design of shoe that it is wide open for designers to play with and push the possibilities of the shoe. Of course, for work wear simple plain styles of black leather court shoe are best. However, for the woman who wants to dress her shoes up, much can be done by designers using different material for the shoe or decorating it with ribbons, bows and rhinestones. The shape of the toe and foot can also be played with and an obvious difference between many designs is in the height of the heel.

The heels of court shoes can vary from quite low to tall and spindly. For women who like the effect of high heels are who want to look taller then the latter are the better choice. For those who find high heels uncomfortable or impractical then look for a shoe with a shorter but distinct heel for the same effect. Another alternative for women who wish to look taller is the platform court shoe where the whole shoe is raised on a thicker sole.

Whether online or in store, court shoes are widely available. They are one of the most widely worn styles of ladies shoes. There simplicity and the ease with which they can be combined with other outfits means that every woman should have several pairs. With a good selection of black court shoes in your wardrobe you will always have something to wear.

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