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Coffee vending is only a small segment of the vending industry, but consumer demand makes it an attractive option for venders looking to expand their line or for business owners looking to provide their employees and customers with an inexpensive perk. Vending has improved quite a bit over the years; many advances have been made in coffee vending machines. Long gone are the days of horrible vending coffee, nowadays you can get a premium coffee drink that is every bit as good as those prepared by a barista.

Starbucks has certainly played a part in driving consumer’s tastes for high end drinks, but this shift has slowly been underway even before Starbucks came on the scene. Consumers even demand a better cup of coffee from their home coffee brewing systems. It’s not unusual these days for people to buy premium whole beans and grind them fresh at home. Today you can find beans in almost every roast and flavor, 20 years ago, this was unimaginable. Some people even have espresso makers and machines that can steam milk all in the comfort of their own kitchen. Plus, look at all the flavored creamers that are available in every grocery store.

All of these advances have led to more sophisticated consumers who demand a higher quality product. Coffee vending has not only kept up with consumer demands, but in many cases has even managed to surpass them. Today’s coffee vending machines use whole premium beans and grind them fresh for each cup of coffee. These machines can even add different flavors or top the coffee with some delicious frothed milk. In less than 20 seconds, these machines can deliver a delicious cup of espresso, cappuccino or macchiato.

So, if you associate vending with bad coffee, you really need to give today’s machines a try. Premium ingredients plus high quality machines equals an excellent business opportunity.

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