Consider Driveway lighting

“Ooops! I think I hit the sidewalk plant!”  “Gosh! I damaged the front of my car!” these are some of the many complaints that homeowners and car owners alike encounter when going in an unlit driveway.

Lighting your driveway can contribute many great things to you. One is great visibility of the path as you go in and out of your house thus preventing any accidents that can happen and another is that it adds up the value of your house as it devour aesthetic glow into it.

In lighting your driveway, you can actually resort on two types. One is by having path lights and the other is by having post lights.

Path lights are actually great since it gives you a feeling that you are driving in a race track.  These path lights are small devices that are attached on the ground and are lined up on the sides so to give drivers a guide where the road’s limits are. These path lights actually give a ten foot diameter of light thus it can be placed ten foot away from each other since placing them too close requires more devices which could add up expenses.

In choosing path lights, you can have two choices for the type of light to be used. One is the low voltage light and the other is a solar light.

Low voltage driveway lights are cost effective lights than the usual 120 volts. It does not eat much electricity and at the same time are cheaper in market price. These lights are easy to install. All you have to do is to buy one and attach the wirings needed. You just have to follow the instruction included in the box. Be sure to bury the wirings on the ground so to make it look neat and organized.

Another light that you can use are the solar lights. Solar lights are very much cost effective than the low voltage lights since they are not just cheaper in market price, they also do not eat up any electricity. They have a solar panel inside which are the ones that absorb solar energy. The solar energy absorbed would then be stored on its built-in battery which will be used at night. It also comes with a dawn to dusk sensor thus you do not need to switch it on when the night comes and switch it off when the day comes because it does this automatically on its own.

Aside from path and garden edging, you can also have the tall and traditional way of lighting your driveway which is post lighting. These post lights are not that cost effective since it makes use of 120 volts lights. They are also hard to maintain since you need to climb on it just to check the damaged part. These lights also have high market price. If you have a budget for this, you can have this one for your driveway.

With these driveway lights, you will never get out of bound!

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