Cosmetic Dentistry Is More than Just Teeth Whitening

In the past a visit to the dentist brought thoughts of oral hygiene and cavity fillings. But now with cosmetic dentistry what it is today, visiting us here at any of the Daly City Dental offices has so much more to offer.

The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to provide a brighter and healthier looking smile. Dentistry is more than just restorative. It is all about the look! When you smile a full open mouth smile, you will see the world smiles with you. We want to provide that smile for you.

Here are some facets of cosmetic dentistry that we provide through the Daly City Dentist:

  • Composite Bonding -covering broken or chipped teeth, gaps and discolorations.
  • Teeth Whitening- removing stains and whitening the tooth enamel.
  • Dental Veneers- porcelain laminates or composites bonded to the tooth surface.
  • Inlays and On Lays- indirect porcelain fillings used to cover work or imperfections
  • Smile Makeovers-the creation of the total smile you want, using multiple functions of cosmetic dentistry
  • Braces- used to straighten and space teeth accurately.
  • Dental Implants- filling spaces and missing teeth.

There are other services. However this list will cover most of what you will want done to get a younger looking smile. If you can put a price on a good smile, then you will find that the cost for all these procedures is reasonable. You do get what you pay for. Though some dentists say they are approved for cosmetic dentistry, it is important to choose the right professional for the job being done.

Your dentist may refer you to an orthodontist, periodontal, endodontic or other specialist. Following through and working as a team will help you get the smile you deserve. There is much more to the dentistry profession than just getting a checkup twice each year and fillings when necessary.

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