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Create An Elegant Dining Table with a Crystal Candelabra

There are few dining accessories as elegant and timeless as a crystal candelabra. These pieces, which are designed to hold multiple candles at a time, can lend the ambiance of a fine dining restaurant to even the most casual weekday meal. Traditionally given as wedding presents, they make fine gifts for anniversaries, housewarming parties, or even just a give to yourself to improve the look of your dining room. When not in use, they may be left in a place of prominence on the table, or displayed for all to see on a mantle.

For traditionalist, no name is as synonymous with crystal as Waterford. They have long been the leading name in high end crystal stemware, and they bring that same quality to the Waterford crystal candelabra. Available in a few different sizes, appropriate for tables that seat anywhere from 6 to 10 people, they may be purchased at high end department stores, stores that specialize in glassware for the table, and online. This candelabra will hold a place of honor in your family and will last well throughout decades of use. Without a doubt, this timeless piece will be passed down through generations of your family.

If Waterford is a bit out of your budget, it is possible to find candelabras that look like crystal but are, in fact, blown glass to fit a more modest budget. As these are often designed to mimic the real thing, they will be indistinguishable to all but the most well trained eye. Glass candle holders are also available in more modern styles, for those who would like to be chic, displaying candles on their table in a more contemporary setting.

There is perhaps no table accessory more celebrated than the crystal candelabra. This centerpiece is appropriate for use year round, and can add additional elegance to any dish that you serve.

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