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Dealing With Oily Skin and Hair

Having oily skin and hair can be very frustrating. Shiny skin and greasy hair can make you look and feel dirty and it seems like no matter what you try, a few hours later your skin and hair are looking oily once again. Here are a few tips for keeping oily skin and hair at bay.

If your face is always shiny, you might be powdering it so much that you are clogging your skin. First, try not to use pressed powders so much as they actually contain oil to help hold the powder together. Switch to a loose powder such as a rice powder instead. You may be able to avoid using powders altogether if you can get your skin to stop producing so much oil. Perhaps you avoid moisturizer like the plague since your skin is already hydrated enough. However, this could be exacerbating your problem. Not moisturizing your skin spurs it to produce even more oil to compensate for the lack of hydration. Try using a very light moisturizer designed for oily skin daily for two weeks and see if the situation improves.

As for greasy hair, the first thing you should be doing is using a shampoo for oily hair. Not just any shampoo will do because many shampoos are formulated for drier hair, which is a more common concern. Read the labels carefully and find one that is specifically for oilier hair. You should also use a clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of built up products In your hair.

You might also want to consider using dry shampoo to avoid washing your hair so much. This is a powder that absorbs the grease in your hair. You can use cornstarch for this purpose as well. Just shake some on your hair toward your scalp and then comb through. The cornstarch absorbs the oil and then blends into your hair.

It’s possible to control oily skin and hair if you arm yourself with the right tools and methods. Great skin and hair are within your reach even if you suffer from oiliness.

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