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Decorating Cupcakes at Home

If you are planning to make a batch of cupcakes for a special occasion such as a holiday party or a family reunion or wedding anniversary party, you might be interested in a few little tips that can help you cheaply and easily customize your cupcake decorations, and make them a little more special that just a plain frosting. These tips are easy for the beginner or the advanced baker, so they are something that is appropriate for any person who is planning a cupcake party.

The first item you should consider is cupcake toppers. These are simple little picks or figurines that you just stick on top of your cupcakes. Most of them have a sharp point on the bottom that helps to anchor them, but some of them just sit on top of the cakes. These can be made of plastic or paper or any other material, and they can be found either online or at such stores as baking supply shops or party supply stores. Some of them are even edible, such as little decorations made from marzipan or fondant. Fondant is an edible confection similar in texture to Play-Doh, so if you are skilled at making little sculptures, you can always make your own fondant and create your own decorations exactly to your specifications. It is also possible to buy fondant (which is shelf stable if made commercially), color it yourself, and then make your own decorations.

There is no need to go to a lot of extra trouble. You can easily just frost your cupcakes and add some sprinkles. There are even sprinkles that are themed now, such as maple leaves in orange and brown for autumn, or ghosts and black cats and pumpkins for Halloween. To save time, you can even buy the cupcakes already made and frosted, and then just add the sprinkles or toppers on your own at home to give them a custom touch!

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