Dental Extractions: Tooth Decay and Wisdom Teeth

Dental extractions may be intimidating but in the back of your mind, you know that they are essential. Most of the time, people put off having their teeth pulled out because of the pain that is coupled with the process. But the lingering pain of an impacted wisdom tooth or decayed tooth manages to get these people to promptly schedule dentist appointments. There are two common reasons for why people go in for tooth extractions—tooth decay and an emerging wisdom tooth.

Tooth Decay

When brushing your teeth religiously has obviously failed, a tooth extraction can be the only recourse. There are varying degrees of tooth decay. If the tooth decay only leaves a few holes in your teeth, then your dentist in Modesto can make the corrective measures without having to remove the tooth. However, if the decay reaches the root, then your dentist will have to other choice but to have it removed. A patient will be anesthetized and forceps will be used to loosen the tooth out of its socket.

Wisdom Teeth

It’s amazing to think how structures that do not really serve any direct purpose can cause so much pain. Wisdom teeth often break out when a person is approaching adulthood. However, during that time a person will have a full gum line already and the wisdom tooth cannot emerge successfully. This can cause unbearable teeth pain and the only remedy would be wisdom extraction or teeth surgery.

There are a number of scenarios for emerging wisdom teeth. An erupted wisdom tooth has emerged into the gum line already and simple wisdom extraction is all that’s needed to correct the problem. Soft-tissue impacted teeth are wisdom teeth that are stuck under the gum. A partially-bony impacted wisdom tooth is partly stuck in the jaw while the full-bony impacted tooth is entirely stuck in the jaw. For the latter three scenarios, teeth surgery is required. If you feel like you might need a consultation because you fear you have a tooth that might need to be distracted please visit

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