Development in Modern Walk in Showers

Walk in showers have developed through the ages. We’ve seen a lot of set ups and designs through the years. We’ve seen numerous walk in shower enclosures, shower heads, non-slip mats and numerous shower curtains whose designs could reach infinity.

Walk in showers have become a customizable thing in this generation. Like a car, it has been looked upon with such wonder and dreams. There isn’t much difference between a car owner and a walk in shower owner. Although there aren’t actually that much walk in shower enthusiasts, they both share something of their kind. A car owner would like his car to perform his needs or his expectations. He would like his car to reach this kind of speed or maneuver at this kind of track or even brake or accelerate at a specific speed. The owner manages his car meticulously in order to perform and address his needs. This goes too with the walk in shower owner.

Over time, people have developed certain features of the walk in shower to actually suit his specific needs and desires. They have been able to actually adopt the customizable feature of cars and the like to walk in showers. People have incorporated certain hi-tech gadgets into the modern walk in shower. Who knows, maybe the customizable aspect of walk in showers could actually reach the intricacy of car detailing and customization.

And what better way to introduce such hi-tech advances in the walk in shower world than the Gainsborough shower. Gainsborough showers provide us a glimpse of the future showering experience.  One such hi-tech feature and customizable aspect is the adjustable water flow. You could actually dictate how strong the water flows from pipe to shower head with just a push of a button. Another would be a timed and phased shutdown. With this you could actually set the time when your shower turns off or turns on to make hot water.

With these kinds of innovation in walk in showers, expect the customizable aspect of showers to develop and expand. The Gainsborough shower shows us the potential of the future showering experience.

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