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Different Types of Basketball Nets

Basketball is a popular sport that people even play in their homes. One part of basketball that you need to do is replacing its net. Before you buy a new one and replace your old net, you need to know the different kinds of nets first. I would encourage you to play basketball at least once a month as it can be great physical exercise for sure. You really get a great workout without even realizing it. Schedule to play 3 times a week and you can eliminate a boring workout routine.

The basketball net is usually made of nylon is the most common net used today, it is the least durable but the cheapest. It’s prefect for basketball hoops for kids. The net is made of heavy duty whip is also made of woven nylon more tightly and designed to be more durable that the normal nylon net. The chain basketball nets are mostly used in public places. They are very durable but the problem is that they rust easily. The most durable nets used in basketball is the  net made of metal. They are made of woven, high tension metal cords and is covered in vinyl for protection. This is most expensive types of basketball nets.

Changing a basketball net is easy to do. All you have to do is take your new net with you and go to the hoop. Look for 12 eyelet at the bottom of the hoop. On each eyelet is the place the nest should be hanging. You need to grab t
he bottom part of its net and then insert it inside the hoop, take the net out of the eyelet and tuck it into the eyelet that turns inward toward the loop. Pull the net snugly. This is how you change the net. You can buy nets on sports store or order them online.

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