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Direct Hair Implants Allow Women To Toss Their Wigs

Like a lot of men, women can also have baldness problems. Women are just calmer and quieter when they have to deal with hair loss issues. If men feel down and anxious because they are getting bald, women who are usually more self-conscious feel even worse. When I was younger, my grandmother had to wear wigs just to hide the bald spots on her head. Everybody seemed to be tight lipped about my granny’s hair loss struggle because I didn’t know about it until I saw her early one morning when she didn’t have her wig on. I never knew she was living in wigs.

Nowadays, it is no longer forbidden to talk straight about a woman’s hair loss issues. Women are more comfortable to talk about it. In fact, the hair loss of women resulting in bald patches is called female pattern baldness. This is just the same as male pattern baldness. In the case of females, the condition makes the natural hair become weak and eventually fall out from the scalp creating patches and the hair can’t grow naturally back. Men have been enjoying the privilege of having the hair implants, or its old term, hair plugs procedure ever since the 50’s but this has not been a viable option for women until recently.

Because of the development of the Direct Hair Implants method, hair implants for women have become available and effective. The traditional method for hair implants required that a patch of the scalp where there was still a thick growth of hair was used to become a donor area for the living hair that were about to be implanted into the balding area. The surgeon would remove a strip or patch of scalp that had hair growth and then he would suture up the created incision. A hair technician who was trained for the method would remove each hair follicle one by one from the patch of scalp. The collected living hair follicles were then cleaned and prepared. Then, the surgeon would place the follicles into the balding area. This was very effective and had a high success rate especially when the micro surgical techniques was introduced in 1990’s. However, as mentioned above, the method required a donor area that had thick hair growth.

Women’s hair loss usually results in hair thinning with several bald patches so having a donor area was a problem. Most of the time, it was unworkable to get a good or viable donor area that had thick hair growth. In order to offset this problem, the direct hair implants method was developed and introduced. The procedure for this method requires that the hair follicles and the respective shafts are taken from the scalp or other areas of the body directly and each follicle is then inserted individually into the balding area. The procedure makes it possible to use the hairs from other areas of the body such that no area of the scalp appears thinner than before. Also, there are more options for where to get the hair follicles. The resulting hair that comes from other body areas fill in the growth of the hair on the head but such body hairs are not advisable to be placed at the hairline.

The direct hair implants give women the privilege to also enjoy hair re-growth with the help of a very effective method in case they suffer from hair loss because there is no more hair growth. If you are also experiencing patches of baldness, learn more about these latest hair implant techniques and for sure you’ll be satisfied about what you find.

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