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Discover North Park in San Diego

Diversity seems to be inevitable to many major cities, due to the every growing “global village” that we are all part of. Some cities, however, have already embraced diversity as part of their culture, a fact very evident when one looks at San Diego. The city is essentially a melting pot of many cultures, beliefs, and races, and of all of the city’s districts and suburbs, North Park is arguably the most diverse of all.

North Park has come a long way since its birth back in 1893. It was intended to be a 40 acre lemon grove of James Monroe Hartley when he bought the land from Joseph Nash, a San Diego merchant. It started out as such, but when San Diego’s expansion came knocking on Hartley’s grove’s doorstep, he wanted to preserve the area and called it “Hartley’s North Park”. The nickname remained, officially turning the area into North Park.

Diversity is practically North Park’s middle name. Many of the district’s organizations and businesses are very proud of their area’s diversity. North Park is home to a number of recent immigrants, would-be residents, and locals, of a wide array of ages, beliefs, sexual orientations, and lifestyles.

With this diversity of people comes a diversity of structures, establishments, and businesses. North Park is home to a wide variety of San Diego real estate, such as homes and commercial buildings, all reflecting the owner’s, or their intended market’s, style and preferences. There are a lot of eclectic shops, bars, restaurants, night clubs, theaters, art galleries and other specialty stores to cater to visitors and residents in the area. In addition, numerous events are held in North Park on a regular basis, including the Ray At Night gallery walk every second Saturday of the month, and the North Park Music Thing which is a large music festival.

It is also a walk friendly district, and in fact, many of North Park’s businesses and organizations encourage visitors to walk rather than drive. This is because they want people to have a more intimate and special experience of North Park, San Diego’s most diverse area.

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