Does the Anti-Snore Chin Strap Work?

Snoring can be such a serious problem not only for the snorer but also for the person sleeping next to him/her. There are many cases where snoring drives couples to sleep in different rooms. The market abounds with anti-snoring products that promise to stop snoring completely in no time. Most of the products do not fulfill the promises they state. However, there are a few products that have proved useful to many snorers.

The anti snoring chin strap is one of these products. This strap is designed to help the snorer learn to breathe through their nose. Most people snore because they breathe through their mouth when they are asleep. When the person breathes through the mouth, the air that flows in and out starts rubbing against the flabby tissue that covers the airway walls. This friction causes the loose tissue to vibrate and produce the noise we term snoring. One can stop snoring by simply changing their breathing pattern.

A snorer may say that they cannot control the way they breathe when they are fast asleep. This is quite true and this is what the snoring chin strap is designed to do. The strap will keep your mouth shut when you are sound asleep. As you find it difficult to breathe through your mouth, you will then use your nose instead. These straps are quite cheap; you can get one for as low as $18. Even if you do not think that the strap will work for you, you may still want to try it out to find out.

Many clinics and hospitals have started using the strap because of its effectiveness. The strap is not the answer for all snorers. There are cases where it may be of no use such as with nose snoring. The people who snore through their nose are already using their nose for breathing. So, the strap appears to be of little use for them.

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