Drawbacks To Using Topical Immunomodulators For Eczema

There is a new type of prescription your doctor may be giving you to treat your eczema. Topical immunomodulators, also known as TIMs, are the newest medicine available. Before you rush out to your doctor to get your prescription, make sure you know all the facts about this new drug.

TIMs are a topical drug, it is applied directly to the afflicted skin. TIMs are not steroids, like most eczema treatments. The medicine suppresses the immune system in the affected area. The goal is to stop the immune system’s reaction to the irritant or allergen causing the eczema. Essentially, the drugs slow down the immune response time and response capability.

This prescription has been shown to be quite effective. More than 80% of the patients tested found that their eczema completely cleared up using TIMs. Unfortunately, there are sometimes drawbacks to using TIMs.

The immediate side affect noticed using TIMs is a burning sensation. In most cases, this was a mild sensation. This sensation was more severe in some patients than in others. A few patients found this burning sensation to be too much to continue treatment. Because of this burning sensation, using TIMs is not a recommended eyelid eczema treatment and could be unsafe for similar areas.

There is also the possibility of thinned or structurally changed skin. Even though the eczema heals, the skin becomes increasingly more fragile over time. In some cases, this damage is irreversible.

While TIMs are shown to be effective against eczema, you will have to decide if the risk is worth the reward. You may be suffering so much that it is worth the drawbacks to TIMs. If you are hesitant about using TIMs, do not worry. There are plenty of other options, including many that are very good eczema natural cure alternatives. No matter if you choose to use TIMs or a more natural alternative, it is always better when you know all the facts.

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