Drop Pearl Pendant Necklace Styles for Young Ladies

This year, if your Christmas shopping list includes finding a present that’s suitable for a teenage young lady you may be scratching your head wondering what to buy – you want something that fits within your budget but will delight her; something trendy but not faddish…hmmm… how about some affordable cultured pearl jewelry? Won’t a teenage girl find pearls too conservative? Not likely. Pearls are back in style, especially the newest drop pearl pendant necklace designs that are feminine and delicate; not the classic strands, but a single genuine white, silver-grey, lavender or pink pearl on a gold or silver chain. Aren’t they formidably expensive? Not if you know where to shop.

Asian pearl farms now sell jewelry direct to the public. Many of the top Chinese companies have deals on simple solitaire silver pearl rings and single drop pearl pendant necklace styles that retail for just a few dollars. For example, a round 7mm white freshwater cultured pearl pendant, beautifully set in silver with a silver chain included, cost just $18. The pearl is genuine, lustrous and graded AAA, which means it is 95% free of blemishes, perfectly smooth and with a thick coat of luminous nacre.

For about $19 you can choose an 8mm pink or lavender colored pearl pendant necklace with a gem that’s slightly oval and has an 18k gold clasp. If the young lady in question isn’t into pastel colors, choose a deep purple, luminous royal blue or black pearl instead. Even the largest, 9mm – 10mm pearl pendants in black freshwater pearl varieties cost under $30. One famous company that has an online showroom offers them for $21 to $27.

I also recommend silver pearl rings, but let me clarify: “silver” in this case refers to the color of the pearl not the metal. Genuine pearls, direct from the Asian jewelry houses connected with the pearl farms, set their organic gems in 14k/ 18k gold. The best price will be about $140 (for the simple silver pearl rings), and purple or black gems will raise the price to about $170 – $200.

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