Effective Video Game Storage Units

I have played video games for a very long time, to the point where the games are no longer just something to play. They’re more like an investment now. I intend to keep the games I buy, letting them rise in value as time goes on, and then sell them to the right buyers.

Which means I have to keep them in absolute mint condition. I’ve studied the best ways to keep electronics in good shape, and believe I will have some top quality products available to collectors as the years go on. Here are a couple things I do to keep games in good order.

To start, I make sure I keep all packaging, and use the cases to hold the games in. These are very good at keeping away dust, which is enemy number one to electronics. I have larger CD storage boxes, designed to keep hundreds of CDs together, that I use to then store the games over long periods of time. These boxes are designed to keep CDs safe, which is perfect for DVD video games or even cartridge games. They both profit from being kept in the boxes.

I then have a couple mudroom storage lockers in my game room that I use to keep the CD boxes in. These lockers are wide enough to hold the cases, and they’re out of the way, so I don’t have to risk damaging the games either. I can just close them and leave them alone unless I have some need for them – which I usually don’t.

This way, the games are airtight and in a climate-controlled environment, which ensures they will be in the best condition possible when I need them again. If you have a lot of games that you expect to have for a long time, I suggest something similar. You may just end up with a moneymaker on your hands.

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