Emperor Palpatine and the 7166 Imperial Shuttle LEGO Star Wars Figure Set

The LEGO 7166 Imperial Shuttle is a spacecraft that is beautifully designed for nothing less than an Emperor, but not many have what it takes to stand before the the embodiment of one of the darkest individuals, filled with the energy of pure evil, in all the galaxy. If you’re one to face him, then come join the Royal Guard and the Imperial Pilot as they shuttle Emperor Palpatine to his destinations around the galaxy as he vies for control of the entire galactic system.

Although not much is known about the origins of Emperor Palpatine, it is known that he was born on the planet of Naboo. Palpatine eventually grew up to be the final Chancellor of the Republic, and he also became the first Emperor of the dark side Empire that was established. This was in no way by coincident either. The Empire that became established was basically his planning. He designed the idea and carried out the plans to start a galaxy-wide conflict that would put the galaxy in a political tail spin that would be his great attempt to remove any evidence of a united republic and replace it with his dictating Empire. The LEGO Emperor Palpatine Star Wars figure has been redesigned 4 different times. Three of those represent his Darth Sidious character, and once in his Supreme Chancellor character.

The 7166 Imperial Shuttle LEGO Star Wars Figure Set comes with 2 Imperial Guard in their all red guard attire, with the Imperial Guard helmet, spear and cape. Emperor Palpatine comes in one of his Darth Sidious versions and has a yellow face with black eyebrows and brown wrinkle marks. He also has a cape and hood. You also get an Imperial pilot that has a black uniform, black pilots cap and a yellow head. The Imperial Shuttle is a primarily all white LEGO brick space shuttle with gray pieces here and there. The set came out in 2002 and has 234 LEGO pieces.

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