Extra Tall Bar Stools – New Construction and Design

The majority of kitchen and bar counters used to be around forty inches high but nowadays there is a bit of a growing trend towards the higher counters which are around 45” in height. This is fine from an  aesthetic point of view, but there is a problem when choosing the seating. You will need extra tall bar stools, but where can you buy them from?

You can find them in local home furnishing stores (both chains and local shops), or there are a number of places online to purchase. They are usually about 34” high and they can sometimes be a little more expensive and a little harder to find, but it’s worth the effort! This is why we are going to present you with some pretty good offerings which also look very good:

Trica Jim 34” Tall Backless Bar Stool – This will make a perfect asset both in the kitchen as well as in a bar setting. It is very basic, sleek and simple, it has a faux brushed platinum finish and comes in under several different designs for the seat part. Where you can buy it from? Go to Walmart and you will find it available at $99 only.

Great American Barstools 36″ Oak Square Vinyl Cushion Barstool – At 36” this surely is a big daddy amongst extra tall bar stools. Also, it has a very attractive wooden construction as the cushion on the seating is available in a number of different designs. The price is also attractive, being on an $140.99 offer only in CSN Stores.

Trica Mocha 34″ Swivel Spectator Bar Stool – Sophisticated yet funky, this extra tall bar stool boasts on a stylish coffee motif as well as on a wide variety of customization options. It also has an attractive and durable steel construction and a comfy seat, making it perfect for any caffeinated kitchen. You can find it in GSN Stores for only $150.99.

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