Eye-catching and Appealing Tropical Flower Wedding Centerpieces

Many couples choose to wed during the summer time because of the assortment of attractive flowers that they can use to create stunning wedding centerpieces. Summer is a perfect time to tie the knot since most of the flowers are in season during this time. Tropical flower wedding centerpieces are the most common wedding decoration used to amplify the look of reception tables. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, types, and styles.

Tropical flowers are a popular choice in many wedding ceremonies due to their irresistible appeal, lively colors, availability, and chic look. If you are quite confused as to what kind of tropical flowers you should use on your wedding table centerpieces, here are three amazing flower options that you need to check out.

  • Heliconia – This is an attractive architectural plant that can be easily arranged to come up with striking and stunning table decorations. Heliconia flowers are not only ideal wedding table centerpieces but they can also be used in the bridal bouquet as well as in adorning the venue of the wedding ceremony. The combination of yellow and red heliconia flowers is excellent for making colorful and lovely centerpieces. This type of flower is very abundant in the tropical areas of Southern and Central America.
  • Orchids – This flower species has always been a long-time favorite among many brides around the world. The greatest thing about orchids is the fact that they come in many different types and species, thus, providing couples with countless of attractive choices. In particular, Cymbidium orchids are the ideal choice when creating stylish table centerpieces. They are more robust and very versatile in terms of designs. Meanwhile, Phalaenopsis are perfect for making wedding bouquets and corsages.
  • Anthuriums – These are perhaps one of the most exquisite and best wedding centerpieces that you can use to adorn your reception tables. Anthuriums have many pliable wedding applications. They can be used as focal features in your table flower arrangement or wedding centerpieces. With their unusual shape and size, they can easily upstage other flower species used in the floral decoration. But worry not since they can harmoniously coordinate with other types of flowers in order to create an appealing and head turning wedding table decoration.

Apart from the three types of tropical wedding flowers mentioned in this article, there are still a lot of other options available for you. Therefore, talk to your florist so you can decide on what type of tropical flowers will work best for your wedding decoration.

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