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Facebook vs Avatar Chatting

It has been a long time (or even never) since many of us have had to communicate with each other without the aid of the internet. Email, instant messaging, and social networks are now ubiquitous. It is very rare to meet anyone who does not let you communicate with them using at least one of these methods. However, not all of these are created equal. Some methods of communication are simply better than others. For example, just about everybody would prefer to receive an email than a telegraph. It is simply easier for them to receive and reply to the email. Knowing which type of communication is best can be the

Facebook Chat

Nearly everybody has a Facebook profile in this modern age. Because of the ubiquity of Facebook, it is often the easiest and most convenient method of chatting with your friends. After all, why not use what you are already signed up for to chat? However, Facebook chat has some issues. First of all, it is notoriously unreliable. There are many complaints about people simply dropping their connection to Facebook chat at the most inopportune times. Additionally, Facebook chat has the same troubles as every text based chat –  it cannot properly convey the emotions that people put behind their words. So much of communication is things that are unrelated to the choice of words. All of this is lost when using Facebook chat.

Avatar Chatting

Avatar chatting is a much more modern version of internet chat. It doesn’t have many of the shortcomings that come along with the Facebook chat. Since avatar chatting is specifically designed just for talking, it is a much more reliable platform for communication than Facebook. Additionally, avatar chatting is simply more fun. You can use the avatars to wander around a virtual world, giving you a whole new way to interact with each other using the internet. Avatar chatting also manages to overcome the issues that Facebook chat has with emotions. Since you can use your voice to communicate in these chat rooms, you get so much more out of the words than you can when using the boring plain text chat of Facebook. With all these advantages, there are very few reasons to stick with Facebook chat when the option of avatar chatting is sitting right there on the exact same internet.

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