Fake Security Cameras – The Cheap and Effective Option To Ward Off Theft

Fake Security Cameras

Many people nowadays know that many stores actually use fake surveillance cameras. Yet, there are shoplifters who can in fact discern between a real and a fake camera. So if they are certain that a camera is a dummy one, they would not think twice before stealing goods.

Knowing this, business-owners can adopt two approaches.  The first is to install all fake cameras, hoping that they will be enough to ward off most of the potential lifters.  Secondly, they can mix in fake security cameras with real ones.  Both of these approaches have their own advantages and drawbacks.

A totally blind system (all fake cameras) is convenient for store-owners who are looking for a budget option. Even if the dummies are good mimics and closely resemble the genuine ones, there will always be a few people who will steal goods anyway. If they do, there will be no way you can trace them with camera recording afterwards. But generally, the vast majority of the potential thieves will be dissuaded from committing any such crime if they see the cameras in place.

If you blend in a few genuine cameras, the cost of surveillance will go up but then you will be able to record images of any perpetrator and can pursue him in criminal or civil court. When people get to know that a store has recorded a theft, the store will build a reputation for itself and this will help in a big way in reducing the amount of theft.

The greatest advantage with the fake security cameras is that they come cheap. You can use an infrared security camera to record images in day or night conditions.  These cameras are expensive and there is the fact that even if the camera records a theft, you are not guaranteed that the thief will get caught or the goods recovered. It will thus depend on the value of your goods as to whether you will use a genuine or a fake system. If you deal in expensive merchandise, installing genuine cameras is necessary, otherwise a blind system might be the answer.

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