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Fight Off Panic Attacks

Panic attacks is a condition that millions of people are suffering from even at this moment, but millions more who suffered from it manager to wad it off to get their normal lives back. Many people choose to resort to using medications in the form of anti-anxiety pills sold in drugs stores and pharmacies but a few smart people know that panic attacks is not a disease but a state of mind that has gone rogue and the best way to deal with it is definitely not through drugs. Drugs have tons of side effects including addiction and long term health conditions and should not be used at all in dealing with this condition, unless in emergency situations.

How do you know you have panic attacks?

The symptoms are fairly the same across most sufferers who have panic attacks of the same intensity. For most people, panic attacks is characterized by shortness of breath, dizziness, chest and stomach pain, blurry vision, speech impairment, difficulty in hearing and thinking straight, intense feeling of fear, fearing that they are losing control, they are going to faint or feeling that they are going to die. The physical symptoms are real but the psychological symptoms are even worse, they can completely lead to nerve breakdown and the patient becomes a slave to their fears to the extent that it curbs their productivity, lifestyle, faith in themselves and happiness.

How do you deal with it?

There are many different ways of treating panic attacks; some are effective and beneficial while most are just dangerous and should not be recommended to anyone. As you set out to find the best treatment, be wary of remedies that make use of drugs, instead go for natural based and behavioral remedies. The first step a patient should make involves changing their diet to leave out fats, chocolate, sugary foods and processed carbohydrates because these foods trigger panic attacks especially high sugar content.

Other dietary changes include limiting the intake of caffeine in coffee and smoking and alcohol. It will be necessary to make some lifestyle changes too in treating anxiety attacks and these include reducing stress, getting sufficient rest, avoid overworking and engaging in physical exercise. Some other remedies that work well to get rid of panic attacks include meditation and visualization techniques. If these do not work, it will be necessary to see a professional who can use hypnosis or therapy to eradicate the panic attacks problem before it completely ruins the patient’s life.

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